Simple Value:
  1. No Phone system.
  • Call us and you will always get a person who is
    knowledgeable and cares about your business.
  1. Pre-order?
  • We can commit to an order up to 104 weeks in advance.
  1. Pricing.
  • The days of excessive costs in Miami are gone. We
    maintain a lean common sense business model for your
    sake and ours.
  • We keep our costs low so you share part of the reward in
    price, and the rest is invested in the product from the
    bulb to the greenhouse.
4. Website
  • Our website is not expensive nor incredibly polished.
    It is built and maintained daily in our Miami office so
    pictures and information are accurate and timely.
    Our goal is to provide a website which arms our
    customers with the information necessary to Sell
    With Conviction.
Committed to The Wholesale

We are committed to helping build the
floral business with the people who have
dedicated themselves to the proper care
and handling, and best service of
distribution in the flower industry for over
100 years...
The Wholesale Florists.
877 994 9233
Costa Rica 2007 Tropicals Farm
Why the name Nazcaflor?

The earth is made up of moving tectonic
plates. The
Nazca plate runs along the
coast of Chile and into Central America .

The line under our name... the outline of that plate. This is the
primary location of all of the product we
market and stand behind.
We Earn Business

Every day of the year we appreciate
every box that each customer allows us
to earn.

Every order, no matter how big or small is
an honor.

Try us today.
About Us
Nazcaflor and it's
insignia are registered
Created by Carolyn Pearson